If you’re only here because you think I stole your biscuit: I did not steal your biscuit. It was clearly the local gulls. Do not go putting those posters up again. Thank you.


I’m Casey Obsidian, creator of Colin Creature.

In short: I generally do too many things. Should I have too little to do, I become transfixed on the square eyed face of our mutual dictator, Lordie Gnatflox. As you well know, Gnatflox is a horrible tyrant who can eat your very soul. My solution is constant vigilance through pious labour – because in my past life as a lonesome villager, the local shaman told me that, and I quote, “there isn’t enough sage in the world for you boy“. So here we are. You can find other things I do at caseyobsidian.com


How can I support you?

Share my content, follow me online, comment, tell your friends. Please credit me if you use my content, and don’t use it for profit.

You can also get perks from me via Patreon. Very much appreciated. Your contributions help maintain my online presence, cover materials, time and advocacy work. Here’s a cool comic from Things in Squares about it.

How do I get a print or a commission?

Get in touch with me.

Why did I get bopped with the naughty stick?

Isn’t bop a great word? Anyway…presumably because you did something naughty…this is an LGBT+ friendly place, we are pro human rights, anti-racist and generally if I think you deserve coal for xmas, you will get a bop. My house, my rules.

Why don’t you post more often?

I aim to provide a new Colin comic every other Sunday. Alas, I am unwilling to live in a small cardboard box by the local supermarket just for the amusement of internet denziens.

So you hate us?

No no! I love my internet denziens! I just…also really like pizza…and central heating…

I think you suck.

Your opinion is none of my business.

Artists are supposed to suffer!

…I know this is you Gnatflox…I’m ending this conversation.